Why Are The Drains Blocked in My Perth Home?

kitchen drain with water runningWater freely flowing down drains in our home we often take for granted. Most homes experience the inconvenience of blocked drains from time to time. While there are home remedies to unclog drains including boiling water, drain cleaners and even vinegar, depending on the severity there are drain blockages that need the help of a plumbing professional to clear.

If you notice you have one or several blocked drains in your home, there are some surprising culprits that could be causing the issue.

  • Hair and Hair Products
  • Sand and Debris
  • Food Scraps and Cooking Oils
  • Foreign Objects
  • Tree Roots

Hair and Hair Products

If the drains in your bathroom or ensuite are blocked, a surprising culprit can be hair and hair products. Hair can bind with soap scum and other deposits in drainpipes and clump together to cause a blockage. Bobby pins and hair ties can easily make their way down drains too. Clearing showers and bathroom basins of hair regularly can help to prevent this occurring.

Sand and Debris

Sand and debris are another common culprit of blocked shower drains. It sounds cliché considering we take a shower to wash and remove sand and debris away. However, sand and debris can build up and cause an issue in your drains. It is a good idea to brush off any excess sand or debris outside before having a shower to help prevent this issue.

Food Scraps and Cooking Oils

food scraps in the kitchen sinkYou should avoid food scraps and cooking oils making their way down kitchen drains. Food scraps won’t break down once washed down the drain while oils and grease solidify causing drains to block. Whether an indoor or outdoor kitchen, don’t rinse utensils to remove food and oils instead clear plates by scraping scraps into the bin.

Foreign Objects

If a blocked toilet is the issue in your home, foreign objects flushed down the toilet are often the culprits. The only items that should be flushed down a toilet is human waste and toilet paper. Keep the lid of the toilet down to avoid children flushing small objects or toys.

Tree Roots

If blocked drains are occurring in more than one room in your home, there could be an issue outdoors with your drainpipes. Small cracks can appear in pipes encouraging tree roots to enter. Once inside, water running through the pipes will encourage the roots to grow and as they do, your drains will become blocked.

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