How Do I Prepare My Business Premises for a Plumbing Fit Out?

Commercial Plumbing by AHM Plumbing & GasCommercial plumbing is dictated by the type of business that will be using the premises. There are many different businesses that require plumbing on their premises beyond a simple toilet and sink for the staff. Hairdressing venues will need sinks and shampoo bowls, as well as efficient water heaters. Food-related businesses such as restaurants require an even more robust plumbing system to properly serve their customers.

When buying or renting a commercial space to start your brand-new business or create a new space for your old business, making sure you are prepared for a plumber’s professional servicing is a great start.

When Do I Need A Plumber for My Commercial Venue?

Depending on what stage your venue is at, you may have a plumber assist you during the ‘base stage.’ This refers to when the foundations of a building are laid and the slab is ready to be poured. A plumber can arrive before the slab is poured to lay out the pipes for your business, making sure everything is ready right at the very beginning.

A fit out refers to the final stage of the build or when a building is already completed. A fit out is where the building is only requiring fittings such as taps, accessories, and a range of special plumbing equipment suited to your needs or a refurbishment of existing plumbing.

What is the Difference Between a Fit Out and a Renovation?

Plumbing fit outs for businesses are very different from renovations, because renovations often work with what is already there and focuses on upgrading the space rather than changing it entirely. While they have similar steps in some places, fit outs intend to transform the space completely to suit your individual needs when it comes to the plumbing.

Plan Your Plumbing Layout

AHM Plumbing in actionWhen it comes to plumbing, especially for a business, adequate planning is vital. If you speak to your local plumber about your planned layout they will be able to provide you with more information based on their professional experience, and prevent you from making any costly mistakes.

AHM Plumbing & Gas Provide Licensed Commercial Plumbing Installations and Fit Outs for Perth Businesses.

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