Holiday Tips On Caring For Your Hot Water System

woman taking a bathWith Christmas and New Year holidays means hosting family and friends in your home. It’s a great time of year to share, love and laugh. Will your hot water system cope?

Extra strain can cause issues with your system and sometimes even breakdowns. Make sure you are limiting the risk of any emergencies with your hot water.

Limit Hot Water Usage

What do you use hot water for that you really don’t need to?

Some dishes can be easily rinsed with cold water especially if it is a cup or something that you plan to use for yourself again. Washing machines often have cold water settings so you don’t have to use the hot water. This can make a big difference to how much strain you put on your hot water when you have a house full of people.

Hot Water System Checks Before Guests Arrive

How long has it been since your system was checked by a professional plumber? Experts recommend that you get your hot water unit serviced regularly to ensure that the valves on the system are not causing pressure to build up in the tank. Pressure build up can cause many issues for you and even become dangerous after time. Getting your hot water system serviced before the guests arrive is a good piece of mind.

Does My Hot Water Unit Need Replacing?

Thermann Hot Water - Contious Gas installed by AHM Plumbing & GasMost hot waters systems will last around 8 to 10 years, but this depends a lot on the type of system you have and how much strain it has been under while you have been using it. Especially if the system was installed before you moved into the property, you will not know it’s history and it may need to be replaced. The best way to find this out is to talk to a plumbing expert and get it properly evaluated. You want to ensure it doesn’t fail to work while you have the family over.

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